Drive leads from your videos

Add clickable links, branding and email forms

Brand your video

Make it your own! Add your logo and contact info. Personalize your video player and deliver the experience you want your viewers to have. Build brand equity.

Add email forms to your video

Allow viewers to sign up for mailing lists and newsletters directly in your video player.
Create lists and leads with the click of a button while viewers are engaged in real-time.

Add clickable links and apps

Combine video with clickable call-to-actions and forms. Add photos, music, maps, directions and more! Enable customers to engage on the spot and significantly increase conversions.

Anytime, anywhere, web mobile and social

Your interactive videos will work in your Facebook page and feeds. Let viewers see what you're saying on Twitter without leaving the video. Works on iOS and Android devices too.

Measure Results

Viewbix provides analytics and reports that can reveal trends in views, engagement rates, actions, and conversions - so you can get the results you want!
Produce new leads, higher conversion rates and more business

Case studies

  • Viewbix Video Thumbnails Improve Facebook Ad CTR
    "This vs That" is an online TV show dedicated to finding out the answers to every day questions based on science created by Jon Hotchkiss, an 11 time Emmy nominee. By using Viewbix, "This vs. That" increased the click through rate on their Facebook Ads by 55%! This lowered the average Facebook spend per click and radically improved their overall Facebook ad ROI.
  • Went Beyond Viral Videos to Achieve Brand Engagement and Affinity is a non-profit Jewish educational website with over 1 million user visits per month. has driven millions of viewers to their videos but had been disappointed with lackluster results for converting those viewers into email subscribers or website visitors. With Viewbix, has driven more than 20% of their viewers to view other videos on their website, share more videos with their friends, and sign up for mailing lists.
  • Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals Achieves 1300% ROI Using Viewbix
    In 2006, Tom Telford started Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals. The concept was to build, rent and manage beautiful, private luxury cabins in a natural mountain setting. Tom wanted to convert website visitors and blog readers to paying and loyal customers.With Viewbix, Tom was able to add call-to-action apps directly within Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals' videos so viewers could check for cabin availability and book cabin rentals immediately while watching the videos. Due to increased bookings, Tom saw a ROI of well over 13 times with Viewbix!
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